About The Show:

Welcome to The Amreekies Podcast!

In the uncertain times of pre-election 2016, two Arab-American friends got together with the intention to provide perspective on world events. Suddenly, The Amreekies Podcast was born, co-hosted by Iraqi-American, Mohammad A., and Palestinian-American, Ehab J. The name "Amreekies" is a linguist combination of the transliteral Arabic way to say American (Amreekie) with the English plural 's’. This hybrid illustrates the readily accepted identity of those brought up in immigrant and/or refugee families that rarely emphasize being American alongside their household Arab identity.

Since then the series has slowly evolved into a nonconventional audio journal of talks and laughs between two first generation Arab-Americans, commenting on relevant topics as it pertains to the Arab-American experience in the US. In 2020, Alla F., a Libyan-American, graciously joined the team bringing the perspective of Arab-American women. Having previously been the no. 1 fan of the show, Alla adds refreshing energy to the show and a great balance to the previously existing Mohammad and Ehab duo.

Each of The Amreekies has experienced significant and diverse transformations in their lives, navigating between two cultures in one country, making this series a universal human platform that both Arab or not can relate to. There are so many beautiful commonalities in the human experience that there are bound to be some overlaps you’ll enjoy.

The cover art was based off the simplicity of three Arab-American friends all wearing scarfs signifying their backgrounds: black and white for Palestine, red and white for Iraq, and green and black for Libya. However, all three colors—black, white, red & green—are pan-Arab colors that also unite the Arab nations. Designed by Cameron Hood: https://lovelylinedesign.com/

Our Hosts

Mohammad A.

Who in the world is Mohammad? Well, he’s a work in progress. I’ll start off with that. He talks about himself in the 3rd person, so that tells you something—like his impeccable skills at bio writing. But if we try to sum him up in one word (and a preposition) it’s, Hustler. You may be thinking, “Oh, great, just another Arab-American Alpha male,” and well, you’re not wrong. But know this, I consider my greatest asset to be self-awareness, meaning I have a pretty good understanding of my strengths & weaknesses, and use humor & quick witty remarks to help deal with real life issues. I was born & raised in the good ol’ US of A, and lived under a roof with a pair of awesome Iraqi parents who immigrated in the early 80s, for a life of better opportunities & security. That’s when I enter the scene! But what they don’t tell you is there’s no manual on how to charter these rough waters of identity. Who was my Muslim Arab-American role model in the 90s? Well, I never really found the enlightened one. I did however gain a best friend, Ehab, along the quest, as our paths crossed in search of our box. Where do we fit? The elastic waist-band of what it means to be American was just wide enough for us to create our own box. The current iteration of Mohammad A. is a loving father, proud husband, and an eager business development executive. I’m super proud to also add to the list, a voice and co-host in the one of the greatest Arab-American podcasts: The Amreekies Podcast

Alla F.

Hi there! I'm Alla, Libyan American embracing the never ending adventures of life in my authentic way. Mama of 3, business professional by day, and fitness enthusiast in the earlier part of the day. Just hustlin for that Joneses muscle. Life just got more interesting this past July 2020 as I went from super-fan (okay #1 fan) to Amreekies co-host! Humbled and excited to be a part of this super 'bahee' team.

Ehab J.

Salam All. I'm Ehab, a Palestinian Arab Muslim het cis man (he/him/his). I was born in the biblical city of Hebron in Palestine. To the Arabic-speaking Palestinians who live there, the city is known as "Al-Khaleel," meaning"friend". It refers to the Prophet & Patriarch Abraham, who is believed to be buried there. I lived in Palestine for a quarter of my life & speak/read/write fluent Arabic. I have gone through many phases in my life but I currently identify as a liberal progressive mostly because I want to advocate for protections and benefits for the disenfranchised in our society. Black Lives Matter. I have four degrees in three types of engineering (Chemical, Biosystems and Biomedical) & worked as a postdoc researcher at the University of Arizona in Medical Imaging. I co-started the Amreekies Podcast because it was an opportunity to hang out with my best friend, Mohammad, and create an audio journal of our time together. Mohammad and I have been involved in many projects together including local Muslim community social work, justice in Palestine activism, and various media productions. However, this podcast is so far the most long lasting project. We discuss subjects that we talk about regularly amongst ourselves, and decided to create a platform to expand the discourse. I feel very privileged and grateful to be able to be part of this growing project. It’s valuable to me because I believe that it contributes to an inclusive middle-ground space where important topics are discussed with beloved friends. It's the simple things in life. Thank you for your time.

About page compiled and edited by: Dania A.