Alla Shares News w/ Two Interlocked Beards
The Amreekies PodcastOctober 09, 2022x
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Alla Shares News w/ Two Interlocked Beards

Salam Amreekies Fam! I think we can safely call this episode directed by Alla, as she masterfully leads the way through many fun and informative subjects. Please join the three Amreekies Alla, Mohammad and Ehab as they discuss Alla's big new life updates, Netflix's Mo, entrepreneurship in the community and being financially literate and prepared for the future. Please excuse the audio quality, so many things went wrong, it's kind of a miracle that we even have an episode :) Thank you for your listenership!

Credits: Co-hosts: Alla F., Mohammad A. and Ehab J.  |  Editing and Production: Ehab J. | Cover Art: Cameron Hood, Lovely Line Design | Intro and Outro Song: Get Lit - Get Lifted (Global Warming)

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