Codeswitching While Ruffling Feathers at Work
The Amreekies PodcastAugust 07, 2022x
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Codeswitching While Ruffling Feathers at Work

Salam wonderful Amreekies listeners! After a little bit of a break, we are back with an easy going catch-up episode where co-hosts Ehab and Mohammad take turns sharing about their experiences in trying to be themselves at work. Please join them for an entertaining discussion around codeswitching, gaffs at work, reading the room, being "too nice" as a guy in the workplace and being Arab and/or Muslim at work, especially at a time where there is such a thing as Ms. Marvel. We are so grateful tp you for continuing to listen to us and support us :) 

Credits: Co-hosts: Mohammad A. and Ehab J.  |  Editing and Production: Ehab J. | Cover Art: Cameron Hood, Lovely Line Design | Intro and Outro Song: Get Lit - Get Lifted (Global Warming) | Transition: Wael Kfoury - Omri Kellou

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