Old Friends Talk Interracial Relationships w/Danny Do
The Amreekies PodcastSeptember 12, 2021x
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Old Friends Talk Interracial Relationships w/Danny Do

Another podcast episode hot off the press packed with so much fun and informative discussion, folks. This time the co-hosts Ehab, Alla and Mohammad are joined by guest speaker, original podcast inspiration and friend of the show Danny Do. The discussion revolves around intercultural friendships, interracial marriage and relationships, cultural and parental expectations and lessons for the next generation. Oh, and there's also a friendly rivalry for Mohammad's heart. Don't miss out on this one! Thank you for your listenership :)

Credits: Co-hosts: Mohammad A., Alla F. and Ehab J. | Guest Speaker: Danny Do  |  Editing and Production: Ehab J. | Cover Art: Cameron Hood, Lovely Line Design | Intro and Outro Song: Get Lit - Get Lifted (Global Warming) | Transition: Wael Kfoury - Omri Kellou

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