Peaches 'N Palestine
The Amreekies PodcastJune 17, 2021x
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Peaches 'N Palestine

The Amreekies Podcast co-hosts are back to discuss their reactions to the current and ongoing situation in Palestine. Join Alla, Mohammad and Ehab as they catch up post-Ramadan, discuss anti-Palestinian propaganda, talk about activist coalition building and express their respective Arab-American reactions to the most recent Israeli State oppression of the Palestinian people. Stay tuned till the end for some light-hearted fun with Arabic linguistic comparisons between Palestinians, Iraqis and Libyans :) Thank you for your listenership!

For a quick summary of the most recent situation in Palestine: 

Is Israel Guilty Of Apartheid Against Palestinians? (By AJ+) |

John Oliver on Palestine:

Credits: Co-hosts: Mohammad A., Alla F. and Ehab J.  |  Editing and Production: Ehab J. | Cover Art: Cameron Hood, Lovely Line Design | Intro and Outro Song: Get Lit - Get Lifted (Global Warming), Mohammed Assaf - Dammi Falastini | Transition: Wael Kfoury - Omri Kellou

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