Zamzam Islam VS Beer Christianity w/Jonty Langley
The Amreekies PodcastMarch 26, 2022x
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Zamzam Islam VS Beer Christianity w/Jonty Langley

It's the clash of cultures! A battle royale between two podcast hosts of different faiths! Just kidding :) Ehab has gone rogue again with a one-on-one episode with Jonty, co-host from a podcast called Beer Christianity. Please join Ehab and Jonty as they share their thoughts on dealing with depression and anxiety while performing and hosting, being a niche version of your faith and demonstrating another side of your faith to outsiders. They also discuss podcast producing angst, not being a very good Christian/Muslim. This episode is a joint episode, published in slightly different forms by both podcasts. Thank you for your listenership! 

About Beer Christianity:

Beer Christianity is a left-leaning, evangelical-adjacent Christian discussion podcast that often features interviews and always features a few drinks and laughs. Our aim is to be real, to be helpful and to be entertaining.

Follow Beer Christianity on Twitter: @beerxianity, @beerchristianity on IG and listen to their episodes on SpotifyApple PodcastsYouTube and Stitcher


Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird (Jonty's New Book):

Credits: Co-hosts:  Ehab J.  | Guest Speaker: Jonty Langley |  Editing and Production: Ehab J. | Cover Art: Cameron Hood, Lovely Line Design | Intro and Outro Song: Get Lit - Get Lifted (Global Warming) | Transition: Wael Kfoury - Omri Kellou

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